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Aug. 26th, 2008 @ 08:27 pm Chinese Takeout - All Core :-D
So, I had to share cause this was a freakin' awesome dinner...designed by me! (ok and Rachel Ray helped)

I saw RR do something very similar the other day...I made a few changes, a couple of tweaks, made it healthier and voila! A super duper yummy dish that tastes like it comes with the #23 lunch special at your local chinese take out joint.

I think the next time I do this I'll try it with chicken and a whole bunch more veggies....there just wasn't enough. Maybe some bok choy or brocolli and carrots.

Crystal's Chinese Noodles - serves 4 - WW Core
WW Points - 8-10 depending upon how many servings you end up making this, how much pork goes in, etc.

note: limit to 1 meal per day on Core. Also includes 1 tsp of good oil per serving.


4 boneless thin sliced pork loin chops - trimmed of all visible fat
1/2 package whole wheat linguini

3-5 green onions - chopped up in to bits on the diagonle (about 1/2 inch pieces) - whites and greens.
mushrooms (fresh, canned frozen, whatever and however many you like) - I went with 1 can cause that's what I had on hand - SLICED
3/4 lb edamame (if in shell) or about 1-2 cups if shelled - thawed if frozen. You will need to shell them if they are not already and set aside. I just used the frozen and cooked according to the microwave instructions.

4 teaspoons of canola oil
2 tablesppons soy sauce
1 tablespoon terryaki sauce
salt, pepper, and seasonings - I went with ground ginger and garlic salt for the big pot and added some spice to mine via ground red pepper

Cook Noodles:
Break noodles in half.
Cook noodles (boil water, add salt, no oil, etc.) set aside and let drain.

Prep Pork:
I like mine to be in little bit sized bits. So I beat the hell out of to thin it out and then cut it into strips.
Salt and pepper pork.

Cook Pork:
In a large skillet (big enough to hold everything listed above including pasta) -
Over medium-high heat (you want to keep a nice even temp and not too hot)
add 1-2 teaspoons of the canola oil.
toss in pork strips and cook until lightly browned and completely cooked.
Move pork to a bowl and cover with plastic wrap to keep warm and keep steam in.

Cook Veggies:
turn down heat a bit to medium.
add the remaining oil to the pan
add veggies starting green onions - let them cook for a minute or two
then mushrooms - cook for another minute or two
then edamame - cook for another minute
Add soy and terryaki sauces (adjust according to your tastes - I use the less sodium soy)

The veggies should be completely cooked before you proceed.

Party On:
Add the pasta to the party and stir fry!

stir to completely encorporate the noodles and let them all party for a bit.

Add back in the meat and all of the juices that are chillin' at the bottom of that bowl that they've been restin' in.

Sprinkle on the seasonings to taste.

Take off heat, serve and enjoy :)

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